Aadu oru bheegara jeevi aanu online dating

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En route, Soman was robbed of the chest containing Neelakkoduveli, by masked assailants wearing caps. Shaji Paappan and the team runs into the Dude' henchman they knock out Shaji and capture Abu along with Pinky as hostages.

Because Dude believes Abu to be the thief, as he was wearing his traditional cap, similar to Soman's assailants.

Edward Livingston, an English professor at the Travancore Maharaja College.

the punch dialogues and introductory songs for every unique character is worth enjoyable is also expected to have sequel for aadu oru bheegara jeevi anu.All the members are illiterate young men who are slackers, by drinking alcohol and outing.They manage to win the tournament and along with the cash prize and the trophy, they also receive a female goat.Like the prequel, Aadu 2 will also be an action packed non-brainy comedy entertainer. Produced by Vijay Babu's Friday Films, ' Aadu 2' will have an ensemble cast including the stars of its prequel.

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