David chokachi dating

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We are officially your #1 source for Baywatch, Baywatch Hawaii and the cast.Be sure to visit our Cast section, and see who showed up in Baywatch before they were a season star and read more about your favorite Baywatch Character.She later falls off the obstacle net with Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) coming to her rescue and calling Newman (Michael Newman) for help. Later during Jetski maneuvering practice, the same Jetskier is seen.April and Lani identify him and approached Newman and Cody (David Chokachi) and explained what happened.

Baywatch is looking for several new Rookie Lifeguards.Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) gets a job at a nearby private beach club as a Lifeguard.A barge that was close to shore, has an explosion after a Jetskier splashes water onto the surface close to the fireworks.She injured her back and after some time off for recovery, is ready to go back to work.Donna (Donna D’Errico) helps her get back into shape and to study for the Lifeguard exam.

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