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Tomatoes are warm weather crops and will grow much faster and healthier in warm soil.Most of these heirlooms get really big, from 6 to 8 feet tall and taller, 3 to 4 feet wide, and need to be spaced at least 32 - 36 inches apart in rows at least 4 to 5 feet apart.They are among the first 10,000 of 50,000 babies we grow each season.Here they are in winter, growing and glowing, getting big enough to travel to their new homes..they will be out of the greenhouses and into full sun where we harden them off before shipping them to you.

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Our unique No-Shift custom packaging technique, designed by me, protects your plants from shifting or movement in transit, assuring safe arrival from here in Los Angeles to your door.Most of these plants will get really big, up to 7 feet tall, 3 feet wide.The dwarf varieties are small, shrubby, 2 to 3 foot tall vigorous plants with lots of big beautiful tomatoes. " Here's a shot from inside one of our greenhouses in Los Angeles as it's filling up with plants.In this photograph I took during a fall harvest, you will see some of my favorite varieties including Aunt Ruby's German Green, Brown Derby, Yellow Brandywine, Paul Robeson, Dagma's Perfection, Carmello, Japanese Black Trifele, Black Cherry, Green Zebra, Black Plum, Sun Gold, Azoychka, Green Giant, Costoluto Genovese, Marianna's Peace, Brandywine OTV, Kellogg's Breakfast, Sunset's Red Horizon and Eva Purple Ball.These delightful tomatoes are as easy to grow as the common hybrids and need no special care other than fluffy, deeply amended, healthy soil, lots of sunshine, moderate watering, clean garden practices and sturdy support.

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