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“The craziest disguise that she’s done, she went out with this big jacket on, glasses, a hat, and a scarf.She went overboard.” The new docu-dramedy will also feature Shannon trying her hand at dating again. “She needs to get a man that will treat her good and has kids, because they need to [know] how to deal with kids …

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This might seem like something that should go without saying, but I recently did an interview with the New York Post about a new dating app that syncs to the user’s Linked In account.

It’s one thing if an attraction develops naturally with someone you know you in a professional context, but actively seeking out romance in your professional network — without even having anyone particular in mind — is courting problems.

Dating within your professional circles can be messy.

And most people on Linked In — and at work — want to be judged first as professionals.

People don’t generally want colleagues assessing their attractiveness or sizing them up as a potential date.

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