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"If I had a dollar for every mandolin-playing barback I went out with, I'd have enough money to BUY MY OWN DINNER WHEN I GO OUT WITH THESE MANDOLIN-PLAYING BARBACKS." There's just not enough diversity in Portland—and I mean that in every sense of the word.Dating in bigger cities is different: There are more races, religions, and guys with jobs in finance. ) Cis woman, heterosexual, eight years in Portland, single most of them.What I did learn from these generous interviewees is that I'm not alone in wading through the awkward Portland dating pool.Each of their stories reminded me that when dating, it's best to be honest (with yourself and your potential partner), authentic, and remember that even if a date goes horribly wrong, you still walk away with a good story. Once got asked to go back to his place, smoke pot, and do "adult shit" on a date.Or they call them a slut and talk massive amounts of shit about them.Michigan is very sexually conservative, and it makes people unhappy.

But in Portland it's pretty easy to hook up with someone who is deeply invested in their macaroni necklace nonprofit startup woodworking poetry press." In Michigan, people get blackout drunk, and if they're lying next to someone in the morning, they try to date that person for a little while.

There are a lot of cute guys in Portland, but they all have beards. Teaches classes at She Bop (sheboptheshop.com), including one on non-monogamous relationships.

It takes me a long time to trust someone with a beard. The cute women have tattoos and their homes have extensive dioramas that you aren't allowed to touch. Dating in Portland has been a fun but sometimes frustrating experience.

So, as far as dating is concerned, I'm about one step away from taking engagement photos with a burrito and calling it good. My high hopes and daily bus-ride marriage fantasies were quickly dashed by off-the-market married men, noncommittal fuckbois, and my own overwhelming lack of ambition.

When I moved to Portland last February, I was convinced that was all about to change. (Is it my fault burritos are so much easier to talk to?

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