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If needed, please bring a serving utensil for your dish as well.The church has limited oven space, so please plan accordingly. Oh Geno…Kevin Rowland unleashed his femme side to an unsuspecting festival audience to promote his solo album from 1999 ‘My Beauty’.I recently had to go to the Marriott Hotel to collect a colleague who was visiting from the US, Dave Goodman and take him to our office in Amstelveen.Think of Ahab’s quest for Moby Dick, John Ford chasing the elephant, Wile E Coyote’s hopeless pursuit of the Road Runner or Tom’s obsessive and hazardous campaign to capture Jerry.Since the dawn of time, man has risked life and limb to hunt down its prey.Parents, relatives and close friends can share knowledge and experiences as well as receive encouragement.

I asked the receptionist, a lovely Russian lady, to call his room but there was no answer, so she made an announcement over the PA system.The tips I will provide are just ways of helping to at least get as far as a good conversation, or better still the things that expat women should not say to Dutch men.When going on a first date with a Dutchman, the Shallow Man’s first piece of advice is to not react in shock, disgust or reach for the sunglasses if, as is highly probable, he turns up wearing a pair of bright red jeans.Your privacy and confidentiality are very important as each of us are at different stages of our journey.To find out the exact location of our meeting space or if you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] Central EVERYONE is invited to our Potluck Dinner on January 13th!

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