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Amazon has intentionally chosen not to include flagging on the thumbnails that identifies which content is Prime and which is not.

In the mobile Prime Video app interface, this is a convenient feature.

Another thing that sucks about the UI is the proliferation of horizontal scrolling of thumbnails.

This requires a separate button push for EVERY thumbnail, of which there are usually dozens in a horizontally-arranged list.

I do not like that I have no way to explicitly browse content that streams for free via my Prime membership.

I am frustrated that Amazon consistently interjects media content that is pay-per-view in search results and category browsing.

I had no issues with set up or software, as I've read some others have had.

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They removed the micro SD slot, removing the possibility of expanding the memory for additional apps, games, or playing digital content that you already own.

They also removed the USB option for a keyboard, mouse, or hard drive.

Looking at the specs the processor is actually slower, and the 4k capability is only SLIGHTLY improved over the Fire TV2.

If you are looking for a new or replacement Fire TV, stay away or wait for the (rumored) Fire TV cube.

I bought this in order to have an Alexa-enabled device connected to our media center and be able to play Prime music through the home stereo.

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